The Secret of Happiness Lies in Taking a Genuine Interest in all Details of Your Daily Life

They say the next message you need in the treasury hunt is exactly where you are, and when you need.

This message is your treasure hunt.

The obstacle is the way
A curious king decided to place a large boulder in the middle of the road, and hid nearby to see who could remove the rock.

The first people to pass through the road were the wealthiest merchants of the land.

They complained how incompetent the king was, as they ignoringly walked away.

Next, came a peasant. His hands were full of vegetables.

He placed his load down, and tried to move the stone aside. It wasn’t without effort. He finally succeeded.

As he gathered up his load ready to move, he notices a purse lying where the stone had been.

He opened the purse, and found a bag of gold, and a note from the king.

The note said that the gold was a reward for moving the rock.

If you can move through an obstacle, then there is no obstacle.

Repeat after me: This moment is not an obstacle.

Most of us have been conditioned to think of this moment as an obstacle.

We coil away from now because it is unpleasant as the rock was to the rich merchants.

We have become like the rich merchants who are good at complaining, and doing nothing, but hoping tomorrow will be better.

If you take care of this moment, you will take care of the future, for the future is made up of many moments.

Paying attention to this moment is your key to living a fulfilled, and a happy life

When you keep treating every moment as an obstacle, your entire life will be full of rocky obstacles, because life is made up of many micro moments.

Stop wishing away this moment, and instead, be fully engaging on the here, and now, don’t look to the past for pleasurable memories, nor the future for anticipated happiness.

Be mindful of these beliefs:

  • I will be happy when this marriage works.
  • I will feel good when I get a better job.
  • I used to feel better when I was younger.
  • I regret moving in with her.
  • I regret not taking up that opportunity.
  • I wish I didn’t do, or did that.

What if all these are boulders were specifically placed by life to make us engage our experiences fully, and in the process of acting, we find what we have been looking for?

The peasant’s attitude of accepting the problem, and engaging with it, is what made him discover what has become elusive for many of us.

Remove your stumbling block to your happiness

Albert Einstein reminds us that a fool is someone who does the same thing over, and over expecting the same results.

We’ve chased the shiny objects for long. We are caught up every moment of our lives in the treadmill of rising expectations.

We have done the same thing over, and over again expecting that the next chase will be “the chase ”.

Chase the inner direct control of experience

Why not stop, and examine the objects, and our beliefs about them, and explore what lies beyond.

It’s time to put our loads down, and get to the bottom of what makes life fulfiling, and happy. And this process is very personal.

The roots of discontent are internal, and each person must untangle them personally, with his or her own power — Mihally Csikszentmihalyi

Only direct control of experience, which is the ability to derive moment by moment enjoyment from eveything we do, can overcome the obstacles to fulfillment.

Your level of engagement on the boulders of your life, or the shiny objects is the treasury hunt note that from your kind called life.

By opening your experience, you open your door to the ever flowing life energy.

We have done this for as long as we remember. Instead of putting effort to remove the things that block us from accesing this moment, we complain, resent, and become discontent about life.

We start blaming our spouses, our work, our employees, our business strategies, our lack of networks, our intelligence, our environment, our parents, our children, life, and God.

Life can be better if you proactively participate in its creation.

What we need to cultivate is the ability to enjoy the moment the way it is, even with the presence of obstacles, and boulders.

Acceptance and wakeful doing, is the new power couple to a rich life.

The peasant accepted the fact that the tree was blocking his way, and he could do something personally to change the situation.

The future, nor the past does not hold your freedom. This moment is freedom.

You have looked away from your answer for long. Like the process of peeling the onion, peel this moment. Experience its touch, smell, taste, sight. Open up to hear the subtleties of what is can offer.

Feel this moment with all your being. Be this moment so much so, that your sense of self gets merged in the action, until there is only action. This way you enter into flow.

Enjoy the journey

Be present with your uncomfortable feelings. Delight in good stuff that life places on your path.

By fully engaging all your senses, you can discover the bag of gold that has your happiness in store.



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